Special Prices !?!

JD's done it again... he's got me offering CRAZY deals for members of his gang.

He and I see eye-to-eye when in comes to marketing that gets results, which is exactly why he's sent you my way. He knows my team will do the job right, which means you'll be happy making money (and make him look good in the process!)

So what are you waiting for? Scroll down to check out the crazy prices and make an order!

What Others Are Saying

"He's a master storyteller... super persuasive."

"I'd never used a copywriter before, however... "

"Highly recommend working with him... take him up on his offer."

"He's turned around our marketing... it's amazing... impressive. "

"I was recommended and told he was the best... my goodness, he didn't disappoint."

"Blew my mind away. Immediately saw areas I could improve the business."

Your Special Prices

Website copy

As you now know, your website is your 'Director of First Impressions' and your '24/7 sales machine'.

You need to make sure this first port of call for your visitors is written properly with elements of emotional direct-response copywriting!

This helps to keep visitors on your website for longer and makes them more likely to go ahead and use you. All good things in my books!

If you've got a larger website over 8 pages, get in touch​ and we can work out a custom quote.

✔️ Homepage - $397

✔️ Sub-page - $297

✔️ Landing page - $397

✔️ DL brochure - $197

✔️ 6-panel brochure - $297

Brochure copy

Brochures are a cost effective and easy way to get your business message out to the local area.

It's also an excellent way to target specific audiences with relevant messages.

Because of how easy it is to send out and how cost effective it is to design and print, you're able to test many different versions to find the one that works the best.

Note: This doesn't include the graphic design for your flyer. If you also need graphic design work, just let me know.

Free reports

The goal of a Free Report is to capture as much information from a visitor as possible. Remember, this visitor will, in most cases, be 'shopping around' and comparing you with your competitors!

So, to get this visitors details and follow up with them later, we'll need to offer them something of value for free - an incentive!

The Free Report will help to 'pre-sell' your business as the obvious choice to use when it's time to solve their problem.

And, now that you've got their details, you can follow up and convert them much easier because you've shown them that you have knowledge on the topic and you were kind enough to give it away for 'free'!
Just give us the 'gist' of the content and we'll do the rest.

Note: This doesn't include the graphic design for your report. If you also need graphic design work, just let me know.

✔️ Short report - $397

✔️ Long report - $597

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I started writing copy over a decade ago and since then I've worked with companies all over the world to help them create ads that work and more importantly, make money!

As my business grew, it became clear people needed all the help they could get, which is why 5 years ago I started training a handful of copywriters to help me help businesses like yours.

I'm happy to say most of them still work with me today, and together, we're able to offer some of the best direct response copywriting in Australia.

P.S. You can thank JD for the prices on this page, because they are, honestly, insane!

He's somehow got me to agree on prices that are up to 90% off my normal rates, so take advantage of them before I decide to put JD straight and finally say "enough is enough!"

James Steadman

Next Steps

If we haven't spoken already you'll need to follow this process in the order below:

  1.   Fill out the form
  2.   Complete my copywriting brief (found here)
  3.   Schedule a video call with me (schedule here)
  4.   I'll send you a proposal for your review

Because these prices are crazy discounted, payment terms are simple:

  • Payment in full required

I'm really looking forward to learning more about you and your business, so go ahead and follow those 4 steps above to get started!

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