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Hi, I'm James Steadman and here's a collection of my thinking around building businesses, marketing, and sales.
My work has largely been driven by the pursuit of answering these questions:
  1. How can experts create a successful business using their skill sets?
  2. How can ordinary businesses use strategy to become exceptional businesses?
  3. How can effective marketing create greater value for both businesses and their clients?

In my attempts to answer these questions, I try to turn my insights into practical and actionable advice for my clients and readers like yourself.

You'll find my thoughts on both of these topics throughout this site, in my newsletter, and in my Facebook group.

And, as I typically work with experts or professional service firms, it's warming to understand my work helps not just my clients and readers, but those of their clients too.

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March 7, 2020
Break the Discounting Cycle

Reading Time: 5 minutes Discounting has become a pervasive part of sales promotions and marketing strategies. It's an easy way to increase sales but erodes profit margins and brand equity. Read on to learn why discounting should be avoided and how your business can implement value-added marketing methods instead.

October 5, 2017
Why Small Businesses Need Direct Response Marketing

Reading Time: 3 minutes I’m going to ask you three short questions—humour me and follow along, as they’ll help you understand my point better. Would a small business attempt to run their business like a much larger one? Unlikely. Would a small business attempt to train and hire like a much larger one might? Again, unlikely. So, why is […]

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