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It seems you've been given my details from the website wizard in charge of Studio1Design, Greg Merrilees.

Which means you must also be in search for a direct-response copywriter... 

Read on to see how I can help you. 

Below, I list all my special prices for you and how to get started.
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"James Steadman is amazing! His communication is superb and he is very thorough in understanding my company and my needs.

​His service is exceptional, I highly, highly recommend."
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Special Prices Only Available to Clients of Studio1Design

Congratulations, you've reached my 'secret' copywriting page available only for you!

Not even my own clients have access to these prices (so don't tell anyone about what you're able to find here!)

On this page, you'll be able to receive special discounts on all my copywriting services thanks to your relationship with 'Mr. Marketing' himself, Greg Merrilees.


You're in good hands here, as Greg and I speak the same 'language'.

✔ We both know that your marketing needs to get results.

✔ We both know that there's a proven formula to get these results.

✔ And we both know that almost all businesses - especially the bigger agencies and consultants - simply don't use this formula (or know about it, in most cases!)

So without further ado, let's get into it.


James Steadman
Senior Direct-Response Copywriter
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James Steadman
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Note: The following prices are for the copy only.

This means these projects do NOT include execution, unless it says otherwise in a description... 

... or we've spoken and I've confirmed I'll be helping you roll-out the project too. 

These prices are already heavily discounted from what I charge 'normal' clients, and I'm sure you can appreciate there's only so much 'extra' I can offer you as a Studio1 Design client.

If you're wondering whether I do other forms of copywriting and direct marketing, please just ask in the comments box at the bottom of this page.

Website Pricing

Homepage copywriting
As you now know, your website is your 'Director of First Impressions' and your '24/7 sales machine'.

You need to make sure this first port of call for your visitors is written properly with elements of emotional direct-response copywriting!

This helps to keep visitors on your website for longer and makes them more likely to go ahead and use you. All good things in my books!
Your special Studio1 price:
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Sub-page copywriting
If your homepage is working well and contains the essential elements of emotional direct-response copywriting, the next task at hand is to work on your subpages.

These pages are important because they are, in most cases, accessed when a visitor is looking for specific information... which means they're interested in what you have to offer!

Seal the deal with copywriting that gently 'nudges' them in the right direction.

Note: This doesn't include landing pages or sales pages
Your special Studio1 price:
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Simple 5-page website copywriting
Need to do a complete rewrite on your website? Look no further, because this simple 5-page website deal is excellent value and only available to friends of Studio1Design... which, luckily, is you.

You can easily add as many extra subpages as you need at the usual rate, so don't feel like you're 'locked in' at all. All you need to do is ask!

If you've got a larger website over 8 pages, get in touch​ and we can work out a custom quote.
Your special Studio1 price:
from $2,300
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Landing page copywriting
A landing page is a web page with one specific purpose, and it's usually found by a visitor after they've clicked on your ad or a link on your website.

Typically, you'll use a landing page to:

- Book appointments
- Receive phone calls
- Gather leads online

This is an important page because it does a lot of the 'heavy lifting' in terms of your online results.

Your landing page will be completely customised depending on how visitors are finding it, which means it will be super targeted and relevant for their needs.

By being more relevant, we can focus specifically on the exact problems they may have and how you can help them!
Your special Studio1 price:
from $950
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Sales letter & video sales letter (VSL) copywriting
A sales letter or video sales letter (VSL) is similar to a landing page, with one key difference...

... they're as long as they need to be (and as in-depth as they need to be) in order to sell your product or service to your prospect.

A sales letter or VSL has only one purpose, and that's to make a conversion aka a SALE!

Your sales letter will be completely unique, using known working 'controls' (winning ads) as a reference point.

The copy used will be influenced by the in-depth market research conducted during the research phase of the project.

This research phase includes competitor analysis, consumer demographic and psychographic research, and product/service research.

Note: This takes at least 2 weeks to receive your first draft. The average time for a completed sales letter is about 4 weeks for most clients.

Performance Bonus

If it makes sense, ask about my performance-based payment for reaching specific conversion goals.

Not only will you pay less upfront, but you'll also have me working to improve the original sales letter based on our results from your first campaign at no extra cost throughout the length of the campaign.

All this to say: you'll only pay as long as the sales letter continues to make you (lots) more money.

Your special Studio1 price:
from $2,000
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Next Steps

... aka how to work with me

For the most part, I'm pretty easy to work with.

I really do try to make sure I take as little of your time as possible, and that you end up with a great result at the end of the process.

So, if we haven't spoken already you'll need to follow this process in the exact order below:

  1.   Fill in the form below
  2.   Complete my copywriting brief (found here)
  3.   Schedule a video call with me (schedule here)
  4.   I'll send you a proposal for your review

Nothing too crazy, as you can see.

Payment terms are equally simple:

  • 50% deposit to secure my time
  • 50% when the job is finished and you're happy with it!

I'm really looking forward to learning more about you and your business, so go ahead and follow those 4 steps above to get started!

James Steadman

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