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June 1, 2019 - written by James Steadman

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Free Email Countdown Timers
Reading Time: 2 minutes Increase your conversions with free email countdown timers. Read on to see the top 3 free online tools I use to create email countdown timers that convert.


June 1, 2019

James Steadman
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Reading Time: 2 minutes

If you're advertising a promotion via email, a quick and easy way to increase your conversion rate is to add a free email countdown timer. In this resource article, you'll find my top 3 recommendations for free email countdown timers which you can use in your next promotion.

But first...

Why should you use a countdown timer?

Because it helps with conversions. If you're running a promotion, it's likely you've got a set end date. Clearly making your audience aware of this date helps with last minute conversions, as you're adding a visible sense of urgency into your marketing which may trigger an otherwise undecided prospect to act.

When paired with scarcity - e.g. "only 3 left" - this sense of urgency can trigger an incredibly powerful psychological effect known as FOMO or "fear of missing out".

You can further enhance this FOMO effect by stressing the urgency of the promotion through complimentary microcopy underneath your countdown timers, such as "buy now before you miss out" or "don't miss out on this deal".

How do countdown timers work?

There are two ways to use a countdown timer within an email.

  • HTML
  • GIF

However, HTML is the format to use if you want to create a real sense of urgency within your promotions.

An HTML countdown timer is simply a short bit of HTML code you add to your email.

The benefit of HTML over GIF is that it's dynamic - which in this context means the code is constantly updating to reflect the changing of time.

So, your countdown timer actually counts down to your set end date and then stops at '0', whereas a GIF loops a few seconds of a countdown timer to mimic this effect.

Here's an example:

Say you're running a promotion that lasted for 24 hours, but is now finished. If you were to open one of your promotional emails, this is what you'd find:

An email with an HTML countdown timer would show something along the lines of: "Time left: 00:00:00".

Whereas a GIF countdown timer would still show "Time left: 23:59:59" with the numbers counting down a few seconds before looping back to the start again.

It's for this reason why all 3 of recommended email countdown timers below use HTML, not GIF.

So, here they are:

Top 3 free email countdown timers

I'll be adding more details for each of these 3 soon.


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