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James Steadman
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Here's Your Special Offer!

$100 homepage copywriting SPECIAL
As you now know, your website is your 'Director of First Impressions' and your '24/7 sales machine'.

You need to make sure this first port of call for your visitors is written properly with elements of emotional direct-response copywriting!

This helps to keep visitors on your website for longer and makes them more likely to go ahead and use you. All good things in my books

I've agreed to reduce my usual (already discounted) price for homepage copywriting to an INSANE $100!

I usually charge $950, which is already a discount from my 'normal' prices... so at $100, this is an absolute steal.

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Next Steps

For the most part, I'm pretty easy to work with.

I really do try to make sure I take as little of your time as possible, and that you end up with a great result at the end of the process.

So, if we haven't spoken already you'll need to follow this process:

  1. Click the button below to confirm your order
  2. Complete my Copywriting Brief by clicking here
  3. I'll let Arriane from The know we're working together
  4. After receiving your completed Copywriting Brief, it will take just 48 hours to give you your first draft of your new homepage!

I'm really looking forward to learning more about you and your business, so go ahead and follow those 4 steps above to get started!

James Steadman
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