9 Revenue Raisers

The 9 Revenue Raisers is a business building system developed after a decade of working with hundreds of experts and authorities within Australia, New Zealand, America, the United Kingdom, and Singapore.

It's part of my answer to the three guiding questions of my business:

  1. How can experts create successful businesses using their skill sets?
  2. How can ordinary businesses use strategy to become extraordinary businesses?
  3. How can effective marketing create greater value for both businesses and their clients?

The 9 Revenue Raisers is constantly in development. Sections are always being updated to make it more robust and useful. If this sounds interesting, I'd be honoured if you joined me in using 9RR to create the kind of business you've dreamed of and provide feedback so others can do the same.

The 9 Revenue Raisers

Here are the 9 basic steps to building a better business with 9RR. So far as I've seen it implemented, these 9 steps can be used for any business in any industry to help you achieve the kind of business that works for you, rather than you working for it.

Ideal Audience

One specific, well-defined audience you're wanting to reach and serve.

Irresistible Offer

One specific offer, which, if shown to your ideal audience, would have them instantly wanting more information.

Perfect Positioning

You've found an uncompetitive area of your market and have created a clear 'stake' for this area.

Sales Focused Homepage

A passive, high-converting homepage focused on getting new leads or making new sales.

Timely Info

The right information, at the right time, so your ideal audience happily contacts you when they're ready.

Automated Marketing System

A consistent, reliable, and automated way to get new leads daily without your involvement.

One-to-Many Sales

A method of selling to multiple people at once.

Key Associations

You associate yourself with, and have endorsements from, key figures in your industry and ideal audience.

Lifetime Relationships

Track the lifetime value of your clients and have a formal system in place for referrals, affiliates, and repeat purchases.

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I'm working with a small handful of business owners to see what happens after implementing the 9RR into their businesses. So far, we're seeing good results and having some fun along the way.

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