9 Revenue Raisers: Why Make It?

July 19, 2019 - written by James Steadman

9 Revenue Raisers: Why Make It?
Reading Time: 5 minutes How my struggle to consistently find new leads led to the creation of the 9 Revenue Raisers, a complete marketing system to get new leads.


James Steadman
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Reading Time: 5 minutes

Q: Why make the 9 Revenue Raisers?

I struggled with the amount of different thoughts on lead generation and marketing. I needed clarity and focus. I needed a road map. I didn't have time to go out and try everything - I was running a fledgling small business!

Unfortunately, I didn't find one that encompassed more than just one aspect of the puzzle. So, I set out to make my own. Here's how it happened.

When I first started, I didn't have a step-by-step guide to help me figure out how to run my business or how to make a living from what I wanted to do.

I'd somewhat fallen into the world of copywriting by accident and thought trying to repeat that initial success again, doing the same job with similar businesses, was a reasonable course of action.

Well, it led me to my first year as a freelancer.

My First Year Freelancing aka 'Confusion'

I didn't have a clue as to what I was really doing as a freelancer, apart from the actual work I did for my clients.

There was no understanding of what I needed to do if I wanted more clients. Or better clients. How to charge more. Or even what services I should offer. I was running on referrals at this stage and winging it.

Basically, I didn't know how to become a 'business owner'. As opposed to a freelancer who relied on work being handed to me.

There's a distinction there.

Business owners have no hesitation in investing in their business for greater returns. And one of the biggest ongoing investments is marketing. Specifically marketing which brings in new customers.

And I didn't didn't know how to do that.

I didn't know how to systematise my marketing to bring in new leads. And I certainly didn't know how to make it all work cohesively; to build upon the work I was already doing so everything help build assets for the future.

But, I knew I needed this.

My Desire For A Bigger, Better Business

If I ever wanted a real business, where I could forecast my growth and make long-term plans, where I could build something that had the potential to be bigger than just 'me', I needed a marketing system that would help me do it.

I needed a marketing system that would consistently enable me to focus on my work, the things I do best, while new leads popped into my radar. These leads would, ideally, want what I could help them with and would pay me well for this help.

Which meant, if the marketing system was working as intended, I was making money.

Which meant I could help more people, make more money, and so on.

Because without cash on hand, without sales, I knew my business would be dead in the water, much like any of my client's businesses would've been dead had my marketing failed to get them the new leads I was promising.

And that's exactly what I built out over the past decade.

Finding Parts of a Whole - The Beginnings of The 9 Revenue Raisers

Bit by bit, as I worked with more and more clients building their businesses through marketing, and as I discovered little pieces of the puzzle, I made this marketing system. I called it the 'Revenue Raisers'.

The parts within help 'raise your revenue', so it made sense to me. A simple enough concept. I also have no doubt the number of 'parts' within the 9 Revenue Raisers will grow as my understanding of marketing, sales, and business building also grows - and what an exciting thought!

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In a nutshell: the 9 Revenue Raisers is a modular marketing system that helps build a marketing-driven business. The system works as an amplifier, increasing the results of all your marketing activities.

You can implement a Revenue Raiser module at any stage. However, by implementing all 9 of the Revenue Raiser modules, you'll have a complete, cohesive marketing system that runs largely automatically and brings you new leads.

The First 4 Parts

Initially it was just the 4 Revenue Raisers.

These 4 Revenue Raiser modules were the tools I knew through the practice of my direct response copywriting discipline. These 4 modules were:

  • Revenue Raiser 1: Ideal Audience
  • Revenue Raiser 2: Irresistible Offer
  • Revenue Raiser 3: Perfect Positioning
  • Revenue Raiser 9: Lifetime Relationships

The Next 3 Parts

As I built my own business through lots of trial and error over the next 4 years, I found these new pieces to the puzzle:

  • Revenue Raiser 4: Sales-focused Homepage
  • Revenue Raiser 5: Timely Info For Timely Sales
  • Revenue Raiser 8: Key Associations

And being the idiot I was at the time, I didn't invest in a mentor because I thought I could save some money doing it myself.

The real cost, however, was thousands of dollars wasted on avoidable mistakes and years of my life. A poor deal.

Now, at this point, with just these 7 Revenue Raisers, I thought I was really able to help my clients.

And don't get me wrong, I was delivering great results, but when I look back on it today with the tools I have available to me now, I would've done things a bit differently, let's say. I thought I had it all figured out...

Until marketing automation software came onto my radar at a price small businesses could actually afford.

I remember my mind spinning at the possibilities.

Marketing Automation - A Brave New World and the Final 2 Parts

Suddenly, I had access to something which cohesively tied all the pieces I'd been working with together into one, unified whole.

Now, suddenly, a business of any size could put out a mass-market ad and actually fulfil the order or segment prospects automatically, and have new leads and sales happen 24/7, without needing around the clock staff or any of that nonsense.

It also was a time when digital marketing was starting to become more user-friendly and available to anyone for budgets that would've been laughably small in the traditional space.

It was during this strange and exciting period of time that the next 2 modules came about:

  • Revenue Raiser 6: Automated Marketing System
  • Revenue Raiser 7: One-to-many Sales

Today: The 9 Revenue Raisers

And that's a rough overview of how the 9 Revenue Raisers has come to be.

With my clients, I look at their business through the lenses of each Revenue Raiser module to find opportunities for growth.

This system has allowed me to directly help business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers build profitable marketing-driven businesses.

These clients come from a range of industries and a range of backgrounds, yet the 9 Revenue Raisers has worked for them all.

Now, I'm not saying it works for every business in every industry. Just that I haven't yet found a business where the 9 Revenue Raisers doesn't work... a slight nuance.

Tomorrow: The 9 Revenue Raisers

At the moment the 9 Revenue Raisers system is in my head, which makes it awfully hard to help others if I'm busy. So, I'm working to systematise my thinking, module by module, through a pilot program of case study clients.

The results of these case studies, and the insight I gain in trying to create a DWY-version of the 9 Revenue Raisers, will then form the basis of a self-paced DIY-version for those who are interested.

I'm, perhaps ambitiously, looking to get a first version done by this time next year, but rest assured, this is my top priority.

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Join the 9 Revenue Raisers Pilot Program

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I'm excited to share this with you all and to help more experts with building their businesses profitably in a predictable, and marketing-driven way!

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