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If you're an expert in your field and you help transform people's lives, I've got a simple way to make sure you never run out of qualified leads again.
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3 big questions

How I help you grow your business and your brand is a direct result of my pursuit to answer the following three questions.

1. How can experts create successful businesses using their skill sets?

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Around 2009 I'd taken the leap and became a self-employed copywriter, and the most important question I had was this:

How do I get paid for my skills and how do I repeat that success so I can create a business I enjoy working in?

And, while I found the answer for my business, it turns out there's many who hadn't for theirs, which is where I can help.

I look into answering questions like these, for people like you:

How can you set up your business so you're doing the thing you're good at, the thing you love doing, more than any other activity?

What steps do you need to take to create a business that works for you and your lifestyle goals, rather than something that continually needs to be maintained?

2. How can ordinary businesses use strategy to become extraordinary?

It was around 2015 that my focus shifted from doing good work to doing my best work.

Asking myself what separates the ordinary from the extraordinary?

For two people starting their entrepreneurial journey at the same time, what causes one to jump ahead of the other?

What turns an average organisation into an excellent one?

These are all questions I attempt to answer through the lens of business strategy, with my insights turned into actionable advice aimed at helping you turn your own business into an extraordinary one.
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3. How can effective marketing create greater value for both businesses and their clients?

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And today, I've added another area of focus for my work as I realised that marketing can be a positive for not just you as a business owner but for your clients too.

If you genuinely help people with a problem or provide them with something valuable, it's my opinion that getting in front of those people is something of a moral obligation.

So, how do you create marketing that resonates not just with your accountant but with your audience too?

What's the best way to get your business noticed? What should you do when you're just starting out vs when you're well-known?

These are all things I obsess over and attempt to answer through my understanding of direct response marketing and what I call 'brand response'.

A framework for building better businesses

I have a system called The 9 Revenue Raisers. Whether you're big or small, old or new, it seems to work. Join the case study group and help me test it out. We'll make some business breakthroughs and have some fun along the way.
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"The only email I always open. Why? Because I know I will learn something new or see things from a different perspective that I can then successfully apply to my own business."
Eleanor Goold
Kretiv Copywriting
"He's a master storyteller... super persuasive."

"James was my sales copywriter for my company, Master the Crypto, which is a knowledge hub for all things cryptocurrency.

When I first ventured out to find a sales copywriter, to be honest, I was quite nervous. I wanted the right blend of being creative as well as understanding the technical jargon behind cryptocurrencies.

Lo and behold, I came across James. He was able to quickly grasp the vast technical knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain and communicate it in such an easy and effective manner for the common layman to understand. So I was really, really thankful to have found him because he did such a phenomenal job.

He did the landing pages, our VSL copy, our sales page, and created our entire email funnel. He has a knack for writing, he's a master storyteller, super persuasive, and was able to really 'dumb it down' for everybody.

I would highly, highly, highly recommend hiring James for any sales copywriting work, you won't regret it. Not only will the quality be good, he's great with communication and delivers on time. I'm really looking forward to working with James in the future."

"I'd never used a copywriter before, however..."
"Blew my mind away. Immediately saw areas I could improve the business... I was never looking at the right numbers!"
"I was recommended and told he was the best... my goodness, he didn't disappoint. Exceptional copy for my launch."

Words From Others

  • "Not only did he assist me with Facebook, but he has revolutionised the way I act, talk and communicate via emails and on the phone...

    A talented specialist with a wealth of knowledge - well worth the money."
    Elliot Kidd
    Ray White Commercial Real Estate
  • "James absolutely exceeded my expectations and I'll continue to use him, for both my company and my clients!"
    Pomy Singh
    HipTen - Salesforce consulting agency
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